Vulcane Express® Dual-Output Hot Air Tool

( 5600NP )


Premium, dual purpose repair tool for hot air welded TPO & PVC systems and open flame repairs for APP & SBS mebrane systems. 

Given saftery and strict building requirements, this hot air roofing torch has been developed specifically for circumstances where an open flame is prohibited.


One Vulcane Pistol Grip
One Hose Adapter
One Hot Air Burner
One Open Flame Burner
One Express Carrying Case
(MAPP/propane not included)


Power Source MAPP or propane
Working Temp 1832F
Output Hot Air: 9,280 BTU/2700 W
Output Flame: 12,600 BTU
Gas Consumption Hot Air: 0.45 lbs/hr
Gas Consumption Flame: 0.54 lbs/hr