Premium Stainless Steel Standard Torch Kit

( S60/400 )


When a shorter torch is required, this lightweight kit offers a 28" rod. Complete with a UL listed hose and regulator, this kit comes assembled for immediate use.  21" Wand.


620E Handle with Swivel Attachment
100SL400 400MM Torch Assembly with Stand
530E 30' Hose U/L listed
915 30-60 PSI Regulator U/L Listed
0702500 Flint Striker

Technical Specs

Length 27 inches
Weight 1.7 lbs
Diameter of Torch 2.36 inches
Flame Length 31.5 inches
Max. Capacity BTU/hr 348,000 @ 60 PSI
Gas Consumption lbs/hr 8.1 lbs/hr @ 30 PSI