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Guilbert Express Announces the Launch of a New Express Pistol Grip Dehorner, the Latest Innovation in Safe Dehorning for Calves and Goats

The Agriculture Market is one of the key markets for Guilbert Express in the US in addition to the roofing and sheet metal fabrication markets where the Express heating tools are available in distribution locations throughout the US.

New York, New York(PRWEB) July 11, 2012– Guilbert Express, a manufacturer specialized in developing high quality heating tools for the Construction, Roofing and Agriculture markets, announces the launch of it’s new Express Pistol Grip Dehorner, a portable device for safe dehorning of livestock, including cattle and goats.

The new Express Pistol Grip Dehorner features a butane/propane fuel cartridge, which provides fast but consistent temperatures without the need of electrical cords or bulky propane tanks. A new lightweight design enables easy and safe handling of both the tool and livestock. The “One Finger Trigger” design provides for easy ignition and shutdown of the Express Dehorner. The Dehorner reaches working temperatures in about 70 seconds and will operate for approximately 2 hours at up to 1100F on a single gas cartridge. Express Pistol Grip Dehorner comes complete with a carrying case, two butane/propane cartridges, a reversible tip for calves and complete instructions. A smaller tip for goats is available separately.

The launch of the product in the US market is in partnership with The Coburn Company, Inc., a leading wholesale provider of dairy equipment and farm supplies.  Their products can be found in dairy equipment and farm supply stores in every state as well as over sixty countries around the world.  "We are very pleased with the new Express Dehorner. Its’ easy handling, fast heating and simple maintenance are all qualities farmers are looking for in this type of product." said Jack Kolo, product manager for Coburn.

For more information on the new Express Dehorner, you can visit If interested in purchasing the new Express Dehorner, please contact The Coburn Company on

About Guilbert Express:

Guilbert Express offers a wide range of heating tools for the Building, Roofing, Agriculture and DIY markets including Express Soldering Irons, Stainless Steel and Titanium Roofing Torches and the Express Dehorner. With nearly seven percent of sales dedicated to Research and Development and over 60 patents, Guilbert Express has been recognized worldwide as a provider of high quality and innovative heating tools, which are available in all 5 continents. For more information on Guilbert Express products, please visit

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