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Express Soldering Promotion

Guilbert Express Announces Special Soldering Iron Starter Kit Promotion in conjunction with VMZINC and selected Guilbert Express Partners

Guilbert Express announces for a limited amount of time an Express Soldering Iron "Starter Kit" Promotion.  When you purchase an Express Premium Soldering Iron, you will get a FREE Extra Diamond Tip, Clean Material Flux and Sal Ammoniac Bar and Holder.  

The Special Starter Kits get you ready to Solder in no time and includes: 

- Express 367/8 Premium Soldering Iron

- 15 foot UL listed hose and 30 PSI Fixed Regulator 

- Straight and Hammer Copper Soldering Tips

- Clean Material flux

- Sal Ammoniac bar and holder 

For more information on this promotion and where to buy, click here with a list of Participating Guilbert Express Partners. Or call our Customer Service Number on 1-800-628-6343.