• With their lightweight design, high heat output, and heat reliability, Express tools allow technicians to perform higher quality installations and a better finished product.

    ~ Scott Kawulok
    B&M Roofing
    Fast and efficient, the NEW Express Raptor is powerful
    and faster than most of the conventional torches
  • I’ve been working with soldering irons for over 40 years and Express irons are some of the best products I’ve ever worked with. These irons are easy to use and provide constant heat. They’re also extremely durable and rugged.

    ~ Craig Alper
    Alper Enterprises
    Higher maximum temperatures. Patented multi-flame technology. Plus, a rapid 70-second warm-up time. Express offers an entire line of advanced Soldering Iron Kits for every application.
  • As owner of the business, the kind of productivity improvements that Express toold offer are very important to us. It saves us time and ultimately money.

    ~ Ryan Denchfield
    Denchfield Roofing
    Outputs up to 500,000 BTUs. Flame lengths up to 40". Lightweight
    titanium & steel construction. Express offers high performance
    roofing torches for success on every job.
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Learn about our copper fabrication and CERTA roofing torch safety classes.
We regret to inform you that we have terminated our relationship with the Winston Group...