• As owner of the business, the kind of productivity improvements that Express toold offer are very important to us. It saves us time and ultimately money.

    ~ Ryan Denchfield
    Denchfield Roofing
    Introducing the NEW Family of Express Hot Air Tools - The Express Heating Gun has the power of gas, with the safety of hot air.
  • With their lightweight design, high heat output, and heat reliability, Express tools allow technicians to perform higher quality installations and a better finished product.

    ~ Scott Kawulok
    B&M Roofing
    Outputs up to 500,000 BTUs. Flame lengths up to 40". Lightweight
    titanium & steel construction. Express offers high performance
    roofing torches for success on every job.
  • We use Express Soldering Irons in all of our training facilities.  The constant high heat makes quality craftsmanship a real possibility on every job.

    ~ Gary Engle
    Higher maximum temperatures. Patented multi-flame technology. Plus, a rapid 70-second warm-up time. Express offers an entire line of advanced Soldering Iron Kits for every application.
  • We are very pleased with the new Express Dehorner. Its easy handling, fast heating and simple maintenance are all qualities farmers are looking for in this type of product.

    ~ Jack Kolo
    Fast and efficient, the NEW Express dehorner is powerful
    enough to dehorn calves up to 10 weeks of age.
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Coming to a city near you - Soldering and CERTA Classes.
Sirocco Hot Air Tool
The Power of Gas with the Safety of Hot Air